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Welcome to Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club. We are a small friendly rowing club situated on the bank of Hollingworth Lake near Littleborough.  The origins of the club can be traced back to 1872 with the current clubhouse built in 1973. Our inclusive club caters for complete beginners to those more serious rowers aspiring to compete at the highest level.

The club is affiliated to British Rowing and is Clubmark accredited.

The boathouse provides storage for the club’s boats, comprising eights, fours, doubles and singles in a variety of sizes to suit all ages and weights, and for member’s private boats.


Water based training sessions are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings all year round, and during the spring and summer months on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. In the winter months training is land based during the week.


We encourage young people to join the club and our Juniors have had considerable success over the last forty years, many of them winning National Championships, one becoming a World Champion, another a World Silver medalist and two representing the country in the Olympic games. At the other end of the spectrum we have a group of purely recreational rowers.


We also have regular social events in our lounge and function room. The function room, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the lake and Pennine scenery, is available for hire.


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Learn 2 Row at HLRC 

A Taster Session has been organised for the 2nd March 2024, if you have every wanted to see or try out the sport, please  confirm your interest by emailing before the 24th February 2024.



Rowing is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, either in a competitive or a recreational way. The Learn 2 Row sessions will include technique training on Concept 2 Rowing machines and on Hollingworth Lake in our very stable Explore Rowing Boats.


It is a pre-requisite of our club that you are able to swim 100 metres in light clothing, more information regarding safety requirements will be provided during the course.


Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club Coaches are British Rowing qualified and have several years experience in competitions up and down the country. At the end of the Learn 2 Row course, you will be offered the opportunity to become a full rowing member of our friendly, inclusive club.

The Learn 2 Row course is inclusive to all age groups.

(1)  Junior   Age from 12 to 17

(2)  Senior  Age 18 to 27

(3)  Master Age 28 +

(4)  Fill in the form opposite to find out more.

The cost of the adult Learn to Row course is £120.00 for 18 years and over in full time employment.

The Junior & Student in full time education  course is £60.00.

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Explore Events at NOESRC

Explore Events Information at the North of England Sprint Rowing Championships

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31st August 2024


Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club Events


   H.L.R.C. Subscription Rates


Rowing – Full £324 (£27 per month)

                 Joint £576 (£48 per month)

Rowing members over the age of 18 years. Couples who are both full rowing members are entitled

to joint membership


Rowing – Junior   £240 (£20 per month) 

Rowing members under the age of 18 years

Parents are required to take on a supporter membership at £5.00 per month


Rowing – Student   £240 (£20 per month)

Rowing members over the age of 18 years in full time education


Rowing – Academic   £72 (£6 per month)

Student members over the age of 18 years in full time education living away, rowing in vacation only.  Please note

that it expected that student members pay continuously through the year not only when they are able to attend.


Gym   £204 (£16.67 per month)

Members over 18 wishing to use land-based equipment only.


Country £72 (£6 per month)

Membership at the discretion of the committee.


Supporter £5 per month

Members not wishing to row, but wishing to support the club and make use of the social facilities. 

Also, all parents of Junior members are required to be supporters whilst their child/children remain Junior members.


All subscriptions are due 1st January each year and must be paid by the 31st January. Full, Joint, Gym, Junior and Student Rowing members shall pay by monthly or annual standing order. Social members may pay by cash,

cheque or an annual standing order. For Social members joining part way through the year, the subscription

for the first year is to be reduced pro-rata to the number of whole months remaining in the year.  For Full, Joint,

Junior and Student Rowing, the standing order shall start from the beginning of the next full month in which the application is made. 


(i)            The subscriptions for each class of membership and other subscriptions and sums due shall be such sums as the Club in

General Meeting shall, upon the recommendation of the Committee, from time to time determine.

(ii)           New members will be notified at the time of joining and all members will be notified following any change.

(iii)          Subscriptions and other sums due shall be paid monthly.

(iv)         The subscription and payment year runs from 1st January and subscriptions are due for the whole of that year irrespective

of resignation unless waived by the committee.

Learn to Row Course

The cost of the adult Learn to Row course is £120.00 and the junior course £60.00. At the end of the course you will be offered the

chance to become a full member of the Club.

Racking Fees

Racking Fees are £10 per month for a single scull and £20 per month for a double scull/pair.  Please see the Club racking policy document to understand how racks are allocated.

Entry Fees

Club members pay their own event entry fees up front, although the Club manages the entry process.  Also, members are expected

to pay towards towing the boats to events and miscellaneous

Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club

Lake Bank Littleborough.

OL15 0DQ

01706 377261

Parking charges 08.00-1800

0-2 hours       £1.00

2-4 hours       £2.00

4-6 hours       £3.00

Over 6 Hours £5.00 

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